Category: Minions

  • Demonka Captain of Hell

    Demonka Captain of Hell

    In the depths of the infernal realm, where shadows danced and flames flickered, there arose a figure of unmatched prowess and unwavering loyalty—Demonka, the captain of hell. Born from the primordial chaos that birthed the infernal realm itself, Demonka emerged as a paragon of strength and cunning. With her lustrous white hair cascading like liquid…

  • Snowblood and Cerberus

    Snowblood and Cerberus

    In the fiery depths of the underworld, where shadows danced like whispers and the air crackled with dark energy, there lived a young demoness named Demonica. Despite the ominous atmosphere, Demonica found solace and companionship in her two loyal pets: Cerberus, the fearsome three-headed hellhound guardian of the gates, and Snowblood, a majestic yet fierce…