Demonic Privacy Policy

Who we are

Our domain in the underworld is:

Souls Feeding

When mortals dare to leave their marks in the depths of our domain, we seize the essence they offer in the forms they leave behind. We gather the souls’ imprints left in the comments section, snatching the data presented in their earthly forms, including their IP addresses and the vessels they use to traverse the abyss, aiding our detection of trespassing interlopers.

An anonymized representation forged from the essence of their electronic mail addresses (also known as a hex) might be provided to the Gravatar service to glimpse into their mortal guises. The Gravatar service’s privacy pact with the infernal realms can be found here: Upon our acceptance of their earthly words, their visages will be displayed to the infernal populace alongside their remarks, serving as a testament to their presence.

Shadows’ Reflection

Should any souls attempt to etch their memories into the fabric of our realm with images, we advise against infusing these images with the foul remnants of their earthly travels (EXIF GPS). Our subjects may seize and extract any remnants of their journeys embedded within the images, thus revealing their mortal origins.

Cursed Sustenance

Should a mortal deign to bestow their voice upon our dark halls through comments, they may choose to partake in the dark ritual of preserving their names, electronic mail addresses, and sanctuaries within cookies. These artifacts serve as a convenience for them, sparing them from the toil of regurgitating their essence each time they dare to breach our boundaries with their words. These artifacts shall linger for the span of a year.

Should a mortal trespass upon our gate of entry, we shall bestow upon them a temporary token to ascertain their acceptance of our offerings. This token bears no trace of their essence and shall be cast aside upon the closure of their portal.

Upon their entry, we shall sow the seeds of remembrance within their consciousness, preserving their dark journey and their choices of visual manifestations upon our screens. The echoes of their presence shall endure for two days, while their choices of shadows shall persist for a year. Should they invoke the incantation of “Remember Me,” their visitation shall linger for a fortnight. Upon their departure, their tokens shall be consumed by the void.

Should a mortal seek to modify or birth an offering within our archives, an additional token shall be bestowed upon their vessel. This token contains no traces of their essence and merely signifies the entity of their creation. Its existence shall expire after a single day.

Ensnared Whispers

Should articles within our domain contain reflections of distant realms (e.g., moving images, pictures, inscriptions, etc.), know that these echoes resonate in harmony with the souls’ reflections. The reflections from these distant realms shall mirror the visitors’ experiences within our realm.

These distant realms may gather fragments of your essence, employ cookies, embed additional agents of surveillance from realms beyond, and monitor your interactions with these reflections. These echoes shall track your exchanges with their manifestations, should you possess an account and are ensnared within their grasp.

With Whom We Forge Alliances

Should a mortal plea for a key to unlock the chains of their forgetfulness, their IP address shall accompany the whisper of their plea.

The Echoes of Time

Should a mortal cast their essence within our realm through the conduit of comments, these echoes and their remnants shall endure for eternity. This shall allow us to recognize and endorse the continuance of their echoes, liberating them from the purgatory of awaiting judgment within our depths.

For mortals who dare to brand themselves within our domain (if any), we shall preserve the offerings they bestow upon us within their sanctuaries. All souls may gaze upon, alter, or obliterate their essence at any time (except the remnant of their identity). The overseers of our domain may also glimpse into and adjust their essence.

Empowerment Beyond the Veil

Should you dare to traverse within our domain or leave reflections, you may entreat to receive a vessel containing the remnants of your essence that we hold within our grasp. This vessel shall harbor any offerings you have granted to us. You may also demand the eradication of any remnants of your essence that we hold. This shall not encompass any fragments we are compelled to retain for administrative, infernal, or defensive purposes.

Whither Your Essence Wanders

The echoes of the mortals’ reflections may undergo inspection by our automated agents tasked with detecting unwanted intruders.